| Church is OPEN |

September 2021

Church is OPEN!  All are welcome every Sunday at 10, and at other times below… but note that this coming Sunday is…

Also, as always:
Morning and Evening Prayer weekdays 7.30 and 5.30
Lunchtime communion Wednesday 12.15
Prayer During the Day (followed by Church Cleaning) Friday 12.15
Church open for private prayer Monday 3-5.30pm, Wednesday 9-noon

We have a large (and beautiful) building with a relatively small congregation so since 19th July we have relaxed most of the COVID rules.

We are still only receiving Communion in one kind, and asking people to sign in and sanitise on arrival. Apart from that everything is getting back to normal.

There is no requirement to wear a mask. Of course, some may still opt to wear one, and everyone is respectful of everyone else’s choice. The building is large enough that if you would like to be seated separately from those not wearing a mask, please let the stewards know (if there is strong demand for this we may set aside an area: please say).

We will sing – typically five hymns. There is no formal social distancing enforced by closed pews; but please do respect other peoples’ space, so please don’t sit nearer than six feet from anyone who wishes to keep a distance. If in doubt, ask! We are all friends here, and we simply say what we need or want, and respect the wishes of others.

On arrival you will be given a hymn book, a service sheet, and a notice sheet. The first two a reusable, so please return them; however you will be the first person to use them since the Sunday before.

with the congregation of St Paul’s Wimbledon Park at the end of our walk together along our shared boundary, June 13th … followed by a picnic and rounders: