| Church is OPEN |

Summer 2022

Church is open through the Summer.

We meet as always for worship 10am on a Sunday – all are welcome, to pray, sing hymns, read the Scriptures, hear a sermon, and celebrate Holy Communion together.  Please stay afterwards for refreshments.

Morning and Evening Prayer will continue to be said and sung in the Church, but not with complete regularity, owing to Clergy holidays.  The usual pattern is 7.30 and 5.30 on weekdays and 8.30 and 6.30 on weekends.  In August, most of these will happen but some won’t, so please check here before coming up to Church to pray.

For the week commencing Sunday 31st of July, the daily offices will be said / sung as follows:
Sunday 31st: 8.30 and 6.30
Monday 1st August – Thursday 4th August: 7.30 and 5.30 daily
Friday 5th August: no morning / evening prayer
Saturday 6th August: 8.30 and 6.30

For the week commencing Sunday 7th August, the daily offices will be said / sung as follows:
Sunday 7th August: 8.30 and 6.30
Monday 8th August: 7.30 and 5.30
Tuesday 9th August – Wednesday 10th August: no morning / evening prayer
Thursday 10th August: 7.30 (no evening prayer)
Friday 11th August: 7.30 and 5.30
Saturday 12th August: no morning/evening prayer

Huge thanks to all whose good spirits and hard work made our Jubilee and Patronal festivities so splendid – though next year (70th anniversary of the Coronation and 125th of the dedication of the Church) will if anything yet further exceed these:

Huge thanks to all who made our Easter Services so glorious!

Sunday 24th we come down to earth with our Annual Meeting (to elect Churchwardens) and Annual Parochial Church Meeting (for other business of the Parish).  Anyone on the electoral roll can participate, and in addition anyone who is registered to vote in civil elections in the Parish can participate int eh Annual Meeting. The agendas are here.   At the APCM will be asked to approve the Annual Report and Accounts, which have been commended to the APCM by the PCC.  A copy is herewith.

And in general … welcome to Holy Trinity!

Come as you are.  All are welcome.  10am on Sunday is our main service.  We sing five hymns, and some of the other words of the service.  We hear the Bible read, we hear a sermon, we pray together, and we celebrate Holy Communion.  It lasts just over an hour.  Afterwards there are refreshments and chat.  Then at about ten to twelve we head down to the top of Danebury Avenue for Prayers for Ukraine.

There is much more to belonging to Church than Sunday worship – we serve one another, we serve the community, we build up friendships, we strive together to live well.  But the best way is in is usually to come and join in worship and meet everyone over tea or coffee afterwards.  All are welcome.

The Church spire wonderful illuminated after a fundraising effort last year – pointing the way to heaven 24/7:

Solemn Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial in November:

Children from the Church School rehearsing for Harvest Festival in October, and the combined School and Church Harvest Collection in the Church and en route to Minstead Gardens to be donated to the Food Bank:

Welcome to Back To Church Sunday:

Enjoying the Charmborough mobile ring of bells on Bell Sunday:

Wonderful concert in September – song, dance and poetry to reflect on the strange year just gone:

With the congregation of St Paul’s Wimbledon Park at the end of our walk together along our shared boundary, June 13th … followed by a picnic and rounders: