Fellowship and Pastoral Care


At Holy Trinity we believe that fellowship is very important. After each main service we have coffee and a time of fellowship where each of us can catch up with each other, and find out the latest news, or have a debate on something might have arisen in the sermon or during the course of the service.

We also hold a number of concerts and ‘do’s, to which all the congregation are invited as well as many beyond. We also have fairs, parties and special celebrations. A number of the members of the congregation are professional entertainers, and so all our dos are to a very high standard, which can also be said of our food.

But fellowship is not just to do with the congregation. It stretches out to our Christian neighbours and all around us. Fellowship always leads to outreach


Roehampton is a very large parish with a huge number of things going on. At Holy Trinity we keep in close contact with new developments, as well as with institutions which have been around for a long time.

Pastoral Care

Holy Trinity has a special care for everyone who lives in the parish of Roehampton. We help people in times of bereavement, and in other times of crisis. Many people in particular need come to the church for help. We never turn anyone away.

Queen Mary’s Hospital Chaplaincy

Holy Trinity has had a long association with Queen Mary’s Hospital. The Vicar of Holy Trinity and other members of our congregation help in pastoral work and in worship there.

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