Worship at Holy Trinity

Our worship embraces both modern and traditional approaches to glorifying of God.

Our worship is rooted in three convictions:

That our worship should reflect the beauty and grace of God.

The lovely music of our choir, the beautiful setting of our church, and the moving liturgy of the Holy Communion service, all awaken the individual’s senses and spirit to the experience of God.

That God speaks to us in the reading and expounding of the Holy Scriptures.

We believe that Scripture is the inspired witness to the Word of God, Jesus Christ.  At each service our ministers preach from the Scriptures, showing them to be a sure and certain hope in the challenge of the modern world.

That Jesus commanded us to remember him in the breaking of the bread and the sharing of the cup

Our main worship is based on the Service of Holy Communion. In this service we believe that God reveals Jesus to us in a unique way.  His presence is with us and within us in the sharing of the bread and the cup.

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