Partnership in Faith

Whitelands College

Roehampton University

In 2005 Roehampton University was established, and Whitelands College moved to Parkstead House in Roehampton. Whitelands College is the Church of England constituent college of the University. Its Head of College, Rev. Dr Mark Garner and its Chaplain, Rev. Dr Daniel Eshun are members of our fellowship, and help lead our services.

Partnership with other churches

We have a special partnership with the Methodist Church here in Roehampton. In fact we are one united parish and congregation together here. We are also part of Churches Together in Putney and Roehampton along with St Joseph’s and St Simon’s Catholic Churches, and the Putney Anglican Churches.

So close is our friendship with the Methodist Church that we play host to, and support Ali Stacey Chapmen a full-time Methodist Lay Worker who has a very special role as Urban Missioner to the Alton Estates.

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  1. Melissa

    Great to have sermons from Daniel Eshun and Mark Garner and others from the University at Holy Trinity – equally June Boyce-Tillman of Winchester University from time to time. Makes for an inspiring breadth of spiritual approaches.

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