Making a Song and Dance about it!

For twenty years now Valerie and I have been putting on shows at Holy Trinity, I have always considered that live entertainment, even if not of the highest quality is preferable to most TV shows. The chemistry of live shows is illusive sometimes I have performed a number and thought that was great and the audience reaction was not as good as I had hoped sort of luke warm…

The reverse is sometimes true I have performed what I thought was not one of my best performances and the audience reaction has been wonderful. I decided many years ago to stop trying to judge myself but just to try my best.
We have not done a show at H.T. for over a year. The show that we had planned in November was cancelled because our good friend and accompanist Ann Booth died very suddenly and tragically. Ann was our pianist right from the start and her contribution to all our shows was immense. Not only was she a talented pianist and a wonderful accompanist and the two do not go automatically together. She was a wonderful person whose smile was infectious. Rehearsing with Ann was always a delight! We remember her with love and miss her dreadfully.

On the 1st of July we will be performing another of our shows with some old friends and some new friends. It always amazes me that I have many talented friends that will give their time and talent so generously. Here I must say a word about my tap ladies – The Trinity Tappers. We are all growing old together and trying to do it gracefully! We have fun and some cold wet Saturday mornings when part of me wants to stay in bed, I stagger to the church and we tap together and invariably I feel better for it! – for their company and for the exercise!

Thank you Ladies! If any of you fancy learning to Tap Dance we are in the church most Saturday mornings from 10.00 am drop in and see us!

So come and join us on 1st July when once again we will try to keep live entertainment going at Holy Trinity. Desert your TV for one evening and come and have fun! Watch us do our best to entertain you as we make a song and dance about it!

David S.

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