Totally Tropical!

On September 1st we were treated to a wonderful concert in church with a distinctly Caribbean flavour.
Organised by Rose Ferguson in aid of the Children’s Society (for which the local rep happened to be Rose’s daughter, Sharon!), we were honoured by the presence of Ian Tattum, our new area Dean, and the new deputy mayor of Wandsworth, Jane Cooper and her husband. The evening featured the Metro steel band together with readings and songs from a range of friends and guests, including the Dean and Vicar, and at the younger end, our very own Marina Kemoh. At the break, the refreshments, again organised by Rose, included a rum-laden fruit punch and a traditional goat curry. After the interval, the three-piece band came on for a second set that ranged from traditional Caribbean numbers through to Aretha Franklin and some great soul standards. Eventually, many of us found ourselves out of our seats and dancing in the aisles, including, I hasten to add, the Vicar and several members of the PCC! It was immediately resolved to do something like this again next year and to make sure that by having it on a slightly later date, more young people could attend. Many thanks to Neil Hooker for organising the band, for friends from John Lewis and others helping in all sorts of ways, and above all to Rose for the all the inspiration and determination to make this happen.

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