The PPM List

The PPM List!

In his role as a new churchwarden of Holy Trinity, Tom Kemoh has created a Planned Preventative Maintenance List.

Works have been going on behind the scenes and in front – with the beautifully painted new gates and ironwork and the more hidden removal of 10 black bin liners worth of leaves from the roof and gutters of Holy Trinity.

Other internal jobs, such as installing a new doorbell for Sunny, improving the letter box, unblocking the drain in the Vestry basin, mending the windows and stopping the huge drafts blowing though – and are all making a positive difference.

The clearing out of the weeds and overgrowth at the back and side of Holy Trinity has opened up the space entirely – perhaps a site now for a future café/community space??

Thanks to Tom and all his team for all the great work!  The list will continue throughout the year - the next item is updating the church signposts with the new details for Minstead Gardens/Methodists - and do let the churchwardens know if there is anything you have noticed that needs attention.


We can admire the back as well as the front of Holy Trinity without being attacked by brambles and nettles.


Holy Trinity gets a makeover.


Unblocked!  Now we can wash up the chalice with ease.


Drop off all letters and cheques (?!!?) here!


The water overflowed - and not in a good way!  Drains and gutters cleared of a huge amount of leaves.


With flashing light!  Come and visit Sunny in the morning from Monday to Friday.

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