Christmas Crossword

Here is a new HT Christmas Crossword. Congratulations to Tom Kemoh who was the winner of our first Crossword in the last newsletter. I tried to make this one Christmassy … but ran out of seasonal words that would fit in the relevant spaces so it is a partial Christmas Crossword!!

I hope it is not too cryptic – there are some straight and a couple of general knowledge ones too amongst the more cryptic/funny/odd ones!

Happy Puzzling. And Happy Christmas and New Year!

As per the previous puzzle – this is an interactive crossword, some browsers may take you directly to the crossword page (which looks standard) but others may get a pop-up – in that case, each clue appears at the very bottom of the crossword when you click in the first blank square. To get the down clues, click in the second down square.

Across the top are four icons: the dropdown menu (with three horizontal lines) is in the top right-hand corner and that gives you a complete list of all the clues; there is also a magnifying glass icon that changes the size to your preference; the exclamation mark on the top left is an option to highlight errors and you can turn this off or on as you like.

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