Poem for Jim

Elegy, on the death of a close friend


Michael R. Shute


Cry aloud to the shimmering stars and lament,

That no longer shall that gentle man of kindness

Grace our lives, nor radiate, a golden soul, the essence

Of the love of Christ, for our dear James is no more;

But weep not for James who now in ecstasy lives

In realms of perpetual and everlasting light,

Shed no tears for he who sees the face of Christ,

Reunited in celebration with loved ones;

For our merciful, wonderful Father in heaven,

Who makes welcome the souls of the friends of His Son,

Chose the very best of times for James to come home,

To see His smile and be comforted in His arms;

O mighty, omnipotent King who reigns in love,

Whose name is mercy, whose ways are of forgiveness,

We thank you for the privilege of knowing our friend,

A beacon of your love in a cruel world of hate,

And for saving him from the suff’ring yet in store,

To worship you in heaven, O Christ, whom he adored.


One Reply to “Poem for Jim”

  1. Ian woolf

    Dear Michael
    Thank you for posting such a wondrous poem on the passing of father James. I was not as close to him as you were, but much appreciated nonetheless
    Ian Woolf

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