World Day of Prayer 1st March 2019

1st March is the Women’s World Day of Prayer – all are welcome to the services.  The morning service is at St. Margaret’s Putney at 11am and the evening service at Roehampton Methodist Church, Minstead Gardens at 8pm.  Do come and support this worldwide ecumenical service!

The World Day of Prayer sweeps over the globe in a ‘mexican wave’ of prayer starting as the sun rises over Samoa and travelling through 120 countries, ending over 38 hours later back in the Pacific.  The service is written by the women of Slovenia this year, one of the newest countries in Europe and we support them and they us as we read of their words and worlds and hear of their country.

The service is translated into more than 60 languages and some 1000 dialects.  The offerings collected from each service is allocated to Christian projects worldwide.  The movement has gone from strength to strength to become the wonderful worldwide ecumenical gathering that it is today.  It reminds each one of us of our mutual bond and interdependence and celebrates what brings us together as one, in Christ.

Please JOIN US in continuing this beautiful tradition of prayer and praise by attending the services in Putney and Roehampton on Friday 1st March.

There will be refreshments provided at the end of each service and we look forward to welcoming you on this World Day of Prayer 2019.

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