Tapping Your Troubles Away

Sunny Walker-Kier blogs on her first experience of a Holy Trinity concert … “Tapping Your Troubles Away”

On Sunday 3rd March 2019, my husband and I came to Holy Trinity Church in Roehampton in the morning.  After the service we went to have lunch in the area and then came back to church as Valerie and David Shelmerdine had persuaded us to come to their concert with the appropriate title “Tap your troubles away”.

After working all hours to keep the church running after the sudden death of our beloved vicar Rev. Jim McKinney, I thought this was the best remedy. So we sat down on one of the pews. Valerie Shelmerdine took us through the program.


The first number was the Holy Trinity Church Tap Dancers under the leadership of David Shelmerdine, who were showing off their ability. We were very much impressed by how enthusiastic the ladies and David Shelmerdine were.

The next act was a piece, which was sung by Ms Susanna Gray.
Now came a piece, which was sung by James Egleton. After this we were entertained by a song by Dean Gilmore and Susanna Gray, who accompanied the song on the guitar.

David Shelmerdine entertained us with a song afterwards.  Then we heard James Egleton, Dean Gilmore and Susanna Gray together.

In the break we had some snacks and drinks. Then all artists gave some more songs after the break. All the time Robert Nash sat at the piano and accompanied all the artists. In the second half we heard also a piece on the guitar by Elisabeth Counsel and a poem called “Lucky Jim” read by David Townsend. The whole late afternoon and evening brought a profit of £240, which Valerie would like to use for a Memorial Garden in Memory of our beloved vicar Rev. Jim McKinney.

I would like to thank all the artists and tap-dancers for the brilliant performance as well all the people who provided the food and drinks. I hope the next time more people will come to see the brilliant talent we have in our church and / or we can recruit via Valerie and David Shelmerdine.

A big thank you goes to Valerie and David for organising this concert.

Sunny Walker-Kier

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