Deputy Mayor of Wandsworth

I became Deputy Mayor on 22nd May with Ruth and Alex being agreed as my consorts.

Here we are with Rev. Dr Daniel Eshun who we all know who is now the Mayor’s Chaplain and Councillor Simon Hogg Leader of Wandsworth Labour Group.

The Mayor’s charities include our local Putney and Roehampton Boxing Club who do great work with local young people. We are also working towards reducing knife crime and hope to join up with other organisations that have already started. Some things we have discovered so far are that:

  • Knives are no longer just associated with gangs, youth carry them out of fear.
  • Tougher sentences are no deterrent against this fear.
  • Watch ‘On a Knife Edge’ YouTube.
  • Need to use dialogue to combat crime and build social capital.
  • Needed to visually be seen talking and working with the Police to help break down “the wall of silence”. Good slogan “See it, Hear it, Report it”.
  • Any force against knife crime needs to be grassroots up where communities talk together and work together to combat this evil. Throwing money at it will not solve the issue!

There are usually around 5 invitations a week for the Deputy to attend. Each time differs, some require me to speak others I get escorted around to meet people. Examples are:

Summer Fair at Floreat School where I was able to introduce their local Councillor Graeme Henderson to the parents. Battersea Methodist Church’s drama on the dangers of children being forced to deliver drugs. Balham Mosque Al Risalah Trust Schools family fun day with Alex my consort.
A perk being the tennis – here with Cllr Peter Carpenter whose wife was in the Royal Box with the Mayor.

One of my most regular duties is the Wandsworth Citizenship Ceremony where I have the honour of welcoming new citizens into Wandsworth within the Council Chamber.

I cannot show the children’s faces but being at the Roehampton Church School fair was also very popular with the children as they asked about my chains. Instead here is a picture of their art which happens once a year and looks glorious in our Holy Trinity.

It is an honour to be a Labour Deputy Mayor within a Conservative Council.

Sue McKinney, Labour Councillor for Roehampton and Putney Heath.

1 thought on “Deputy Mayor of Wandsworth

  • Lovely to read about your duties, perks and work in Wandsworth especially with young people. Congratulations on your appointment as Deputy Mayor. Jim would be so proud of you. We remember you often in our prayers. We’ll add your new responsibilities to our list.
    Keith & Chris

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