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Megan Thomas updates on developments for the NEW Cedars Drop-In Club at Chiswick for 11 – 14 year olds.  Volunteers are very welcome to help keep this important work going.  Read more about how you can support below.

Our NEW teen drop-in started just before Summer and we welcomed a few young people through the doors. We are hoping to grow this in the coming terms and are working closely with Chiswick High School to strategize and support one another. This club has been supported by some Borough funding, which we are really grateful for so please continue to pray for this work and for its growth.

In slightly sadder news, the CEDARS youth Project has lost its Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme license, so we therefore will be ceasing to run this project. We have tried to regain our license but with very little luck. This left us in a real dilemma as our silver group had completed most sections and were ready to go their expedition, but sadly this had to be cancelled. Some of the young people who were doing the award with us have managed to transfer to other centres and will finish their silver award.

Just before summer, CEDARS at Chiswick saw a bit of a boom in membership due to the growing relationship with Spring Grove Primary School. The group at Chiswick has now increased to over triple our previous membership, with an average of 10-12 children each week. Roehampton is in a comfortable position with regular members and we are looking at ways to grow this club too. However, with growth comes the need for more people and more volunteers! Some of our volunteers are needing to take a step-back this and we are therefore urgently looking for a few people to take their place.

This doesn’t mean on a weekly basis or a life-long commitment, but you can be rota’d in as and when you feel able to. Without people coming forward to support us, we are not able to run this form of mission in our circuit so please think deeply about whether you can just offer an evening or two a term. If you don’t feel you can offer your time then we are also looking for other resources too! We are currently seeking Lego, board games, and crafts bits and potentially even furniture! So, if you’re thinking of having a clear out, speak to me first to see if we can recycle some of the things you might not want anymore.

Thank you for all the work the volunteers, circuit, churches and leaders do to keep the CEDARS youth project running.

To volunteer or contact Megan Thomas, please email:  meg@cedars-youth.org.uk or call: 07490 081612

Megan Thomas

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