Laureate Literary Society

Michael Shute writes:

The Theological, Arts and Literary Society of Archangel Publishing and Shakespeare Publishers is an oasis in the desert for like-minded enthusiasts!

Meetings, its most important facet, are held at Whitelands College, Roehampton University amongst other venues.  The Society also offers access to:  Libraries, a Notice Board, a Society Magazine (when membership allows), a Students’ Blog to help them to exam success, and Theological and Literary Blogs.

“Man is not an island,” said Alexander Pope; and unless members meet each other and take part in events, a society is not a society and has no value.

But the term Meeting is a loose one: Poetry and Essay Evenings, Lectures, Seminars, Debates, Book Readings, Art Exhibitions and Social Evenings, all come under its umbrella and the Society will be arranging them all.

Two Libraries are offered from which books and essays may be downloaded – a Public Library comprising the sections: Art and Artists, Biographies, Drama, Museums and Galleries. Poetry, Short and Long Stories, Travel – and a Members’ Library of five sections: Shakespeare, Theology, Classical World, Essays and Poetry, Fiction. The Public Library is free to all; the Members’ Library is, of course, available only to Members.

In addition, in the New Year, members will be able to watch Shakespeare Films on our web-site.

Comprehensive information may be found on our web-site by clicking on the attached LINK or by
typing into the computer’s browser.

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