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David Shelmerdine blogs on the fantastic, most recent concert held at Holy Trinity but this time from the point of view of performer and organiser.

“Let’s Put on a Show”

I’m sure this was a line in an old movie with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney but this is where Valerie and I start from. Finding a date which is convenient to all the participants is the first thing especially the accompanist. Rob is an absolute marvel – supportive, enthusiastic and amazingly talented so I got him to put the date in his diary months before. The Tappers I see every Saturday so it’s easy to keep them up to date. With everyone else who performed it was e-mails flying around for weeks.

Normally we rehearse just on the afternoon of the show but this time we managed to get a couple of rehearsals in the week leading up to the performance. We are very fortunate that we have Elizabeth and David willing to give of their time and talent, they are both experienced and consummate professionals and it is a joy to watch them perform.

The Tappers have performed in practically all the shows I have put on at Holy Trinity and although we are growing old and the joints are stiffening up we struggle on! Thank you my Lovely Ladies! Yasmin and I go to the same singing teacher and I knew when I first heard her sing that here was a first class performer with a wealth of experience! She kept us smiling and laughing all through the rehearsal! Suzie has sung in many of our shows and always puts in a great performance, she also arranged the medley of Home on the Range, Shenendoah and the Battle Hymn of the Republic – Odd choice on my part I know! Suzie is one of the nicest young ladies I have ever performed with whose good nature and talent are immense – Thanks Suzie for putting up with me! Sinead, Mark and Carol are first timers and they fitted in with ease and gave very polished performances, I do hope they want to come back for the next show we do! We had one of the singers pull out at the last moment – she got a professional job in a tour of Les Mis! We wished her luck and I searched around for another performer – Yasmin suggested her friend Carol who kindly stepped in. Thanks Carol.

It is sometimes difficult to plan a programme to keep the interest and give variety to the audience and so we like to include the spoken word and David and Mark were wonderful! Mark really transported us to the outback! Speaking personally, I really enjoyed myself both in my own performance and watching everyone else. I’m sure the audience enjoyed it immensely but whatever the standard – live performing is better than most of the TV I’ve seen recently so we will do our best to continue.

My grateful thanks to all who performed and for all who watched and supported us.


David and Valerie Shelmerdine

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