Confirmation Journey

Hello! I am Evie Harris, and this is my journey through confirmation and my Baptism! Last Sunday, on Remembrance Sunday, I was confirmed in the presence of the Lord! It was an amazing journey to experience, I had the great support of Holy Trinity and my friends.

Everyone there was amazingly kind. Here is my journey.

During the journey I questioned my faith, then I realised, God loves me for me! Once I was confirmed I would have the ultimate bond with God! Now, I am baptised and a week later, I am a better Christian! I have a strong connection with God! He is always with us!

The actual confirmation went by really quickly.  The reception after was fun with a few foods I had NEVER tried, BUT enough about that!

I received the blessing of the Eucharist, and the receiving of the Holy Spirit through my Baptism! I am SO blessed to have gone through this amazing journey! Thank you everyone SO MUCH!! For all of your support!

Bishop Richard Harries and Rev. Brutus Green prepare the Eucharist



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  1. John R L Moxon

    Dear Evie .. this was the most energetic, enthusiastic, effervescent, heartwarming blog EVER!! We pray that you and all of our young people will go on in your faith and know lasting joy to sustain you through good times and bad for the future. Yours, John Moxon

    • Evie Harris

      Thank you so much John, everyone at church does so much for our community! Our website needed a blog to show how absolutely lovely and warm hearted people are at our church! Thank you Holy Trinity Parish.

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