Zoom Service with Revd. June Boyce-Tillman

We had a wonderful first service using Zoom, many thanks to June Boyce-Tillman for leading it so beautifully.   Below for those who could not be there – the poems read and the words used for the ‘spiritual eucharist’.

Enjoy and stay safe!


Holy Trinity Roehampton Mothering Sunday

Darkness by Nicola Slee

Christ has penetrated into the depths of darkness,

Loneliness, rejection, agony and fear

In order to touch the depths of darkness

In each one of us

And to call us to belief

To call us to walk in this world of darkness

Loneliness, rejection, agony and fear

Hoping trusting in the resurrection


So do not turn aside from your own pain

Your anguish and brokenness

Your loneliness and emptiness

By pretending you are strong.

Go within yourself

Go down the ladder of your own being

Until you discover-

Like a seed

Buried in the broken, ploughed earth

Of your own vulnerability-

The presence of Jesus

The light shining in the darkness.

Nicola Slee


From Julian of Norwich

As truly as God is our Father; so just as truly he is our Mother… A mother’s caring is the closest, nearest and surest for it is the truest. This care never might, nor could, nor should be done fully except by him alone.

As we know, our mother bore us only into pain and dying. But our true mother Jesus, who is all love, bears us into joy and endless living. Blessed may he be! A mother feeds us with her milk, but our beloved mother Jesus feeds us with himself.



Sweet Mother Jesus by June Boyce-Tillman

CHORUS: Sweet Mother Jesus, mercify me

Sweet Mother Jesus, Christic rose,

Sweet Mother Jesus, mercify me

Sweet Mother Jesus, my repose.


  1. Encircle me within Your loving

Holding me gently in Your arms

Encircle me within Your loving

And keep me softly from all harm.



  1. Encircle me within Your loving

Invite me in and comfort me

Encircle me within Your loving

Engage my creativity.



  1. Encircle me within Your loving

Give me Your hope and silent care

Encircle me within Your loving

Enfold me in Your silent care.



  1. Encircle me within Your loving

And shape me as Your eagle priest

Encircle me within your loving

And seat me at Your mystic feast.


June Boyce-Tillman 2015-16


A Psalm of repose

Psalm 131. Lord, I am not high minded; Nor are my eyes raised in arrogance; I have not exercised myself in great matters; nor busied myself with- wonderings beyond my- understanding. But I have calmed and quietened my soul, like a weaned child upon its mother’s breast. In this way have I quietened my soul. O Israel, trust in the Lord; At this time and for the years to come.


Listen by Christine Valters Paintner

I wake to a rising of robin voices,

their tiny chests puffed like ripe persimmons.

Acres of clouds strum across the day-blue sky,

wind breathes its endless score over heathered hills

and the sea beyond my window churns.


Somewhere a hazelnut drops rustling to the ground.

Peony peels herself open in a slow yawn

to reveal a multitude of pleasures.

Fox darts between hedgerows, breaking her silent reverie,

orange fur brushing against golden gorse profusion.


Beneath sirens and the perpetual groan of cars,

the march of trains and planes propelled by timetables,

beneath the endless clatter of your own mind, you can,

for a moment, hear the asparagus heaving headlong into spring.


My labor is to love this secret symphony.

You curl yourself around me at night,

song of your breath stuns me into the sweetest sleep.

And the blue glass vase sits on the table beside me,

holding roses you bought because they smelled like an aria.


When this is over, all I want to say is that I heard the music

of the very last petal drop.

Christine Valters Paintner, in Dreaming of Stones: Poems



Anima Christi – This well-known Christ-centred prayer which is still used widely by the Church dates from the early fourteenth century. It was so well known and so popular at the time of Ignatius of Loyola, that it prefaced editions of his Spiritual Exercises (1522-24).


Soul of Christ, sanctify me
Body of Christ, save me
Blood of Christ, inebriate me
Water from the side of Christ, wash me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me
O good Jesus, hear me
Within thy wounds hide me
Permit me not to be separated from thee
From the wicked foe defend me
At the hour of my death call me
And bid me come to thee
That with thy saints I may praise thee
For ever and ever.   Amen





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