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We have been taking Open the Book into Roehampton Church School on a fairly regular basis now for almost 6 months. For those of you that don’t know, Open the Book is a wonderful resource which equips you to tell Bible stories through drama.

Our team generally consists of myself, Deacon Kathy, Rev’d Geoffrey, Sunny and a few willingly volunteers from our team over at Hounslow.  Taking these stories into assemblies has been a joyous occasion and there is huge value and power in sharing these stories with the next generation as many of them don’t get to encounter this in their everyday lives. Just think, if someone hadn’t told us the stories of the Bible, would we be a Christian today? The act of storytelling is not about preaching or converting or telling people what to think. It’s simply about sharing the story and seeing where that might take someone. We always welcome volunteers onto the Open the Book Team and if you are interested in joining our rabble please contact Megan Thomas.


Megan Thomas

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