Come into Church!

January 2021: Church is still here!

You are welcome to attend services in person if you consider it advisable to do so given your own state of vulnerability; or you can attend on line, as many will be doing.   Details on the front page of the web site.

We are here for the whole community.  The Vicar prays morning and evening in the Church: please let him know how he can pray for you.

And open for private prayer

Also during this time the Church is open for private prayer at the following times:

Mondays 3 – 5.30

Wednesdays 9 – noon

Please come and sit in this quiet and beautiful space where generations have prayed before us.  Light a candle.  Reflect in peace.  There will sometimes be quiet music.  The heating will be on.

Please keep 2m from others (if it gets too crowded we may have to shut the doors) and wear a mask if you can. Enter by the North Door, off Ponsonby road at the end farthest from Roehampton Lane.

All Are Welcome

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