Welcome to Holy Trinity Roehampton

We are a warm and welcoming congregation, very diverse in background and views.  We are in partnership with Roehampton Methodist church, holding lots of services together.  Please click here to see the Roehampton Methodist website.

We’re a Church of England parish with an inclusive catholic ethos.  We gather on Sundays and throughout the week to pray, to worship God in Word and Sacrament, and to play our part in building a loving community in Roehampton.

Jesus Christ showed us that God’s love has no limits, and so we believe that the Church’s embrace should be wide and generous. All people are welcome here and encouraged to play their part fully, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or identity, ethnic origin, disability, mental or physical health, or social background.

We can’t have all the answers ourselves, but Holy Trinity is a good place to share the questioning together, to search for deeper insights, and to celebrate our common journey.

Come and meet us on Sundays at 10.00am.

I’ve never been before, what can I expect?

Holy Trinity is a church within the Catholic tradition of the Church of England.  This means we use robes, candles and bells and our hymns are accompanied by organ and choir.  Our liturgy is beautiful, helping us to worship by engaging the mind and the senses.

Many people who come for the first time are not familiar with our tradition, and this is fine!  There isn’t any pressure to participate, and you’re welcome simply to observe if you’re feeling uncertain.  Our congregation is very friendly and will be happy to help you find your place in your booklet, and if you have any questions, one of the ministers would love to talk to you over a cup of coffee afterwards.

Coming to Church

Some questions we have often been asked:

I haven’t been to church since I was a child and starting up again is a daunting prospect – I’m nervous that I won’t do the right thing and keep putting it off. Is it just me?

No, it is not just you. Many of our congregation have experienced this apprehension about coming back into the church after a long absence only to find they were not alone in this and soon settled into church life. It is only human to have doubts and uncertainty, and people often report back that our friendly reception put them at ease.

If I came to church, would I be expected to come every Sunday? I have so many other commitments.

Worship in church has its own special meaning for each one of us and we discover this as our personal church attendance grows. We all have other commitments and the Church understands this. It is up to each one of us to decide what our priorities are and the regularity of your coming to church will never be questioned at Holy Trinity.

I have not had a church upbringing and never been baptised or confirmed so how would I be received if I came to Holy Trinity?

We are all equal in the sight of God and you would be welcomed at Holy Trinity as you are. Baptism and confirmation are important decisions and the people here on Sunday morning usually includes those who are in the process of exploring how they respond to God. In fact, all of us, even long after receiving baptism and confirmation, are still on that path of exploration.

I don’t know if I believe in God so how could I possibly come to church and say that I do?

The fact that you have asked this question shows that you have given the matter some considerable thought. Church is full of people who would give very different answers to the question of what they believe. In worship we join each other and the faith of the strong encourages the faith of the uncertain, just as the questions of the doubters challenge the confident. No one has all the answers, but if we come with open minds, then from our different perspectives we can be a gift to each other.

I’ve done some bad things in my life and feel I’m just not good enough to come to church. I would feel a fraud in deceiving everyone.

The truth is that none of us is good enough! Jesus reserved harsh criticism for those who thought they were and high praise for those who recognised how much they need God. One of the beautiful things about Christianity is God’s free gift of forgiveness when we turn to him with genuine sorrow. This is a gift which is all about making a fresh start.


What we believe

We believe that God longs for every human being to know his love revealed in Jesus Christ. Making that love known in his world is part of the vocation he gives every Christian.

We believe that worship is the central activity of the church. It’s from our worship that we receive God’s grace to go out and offer lives of service to his world.

We believe that offering God the best worship we can—with music and symbolism, intelligent and challenging preaching, and an environment which is warm and welcoming—is an offering of love to God and to his world.

Our Worship

Our worship embraces both modern and traditional approaches to glorifying of God.  Our worship is rooted in three convictions:

That our worship should reflect the beauty and grace of God.
The lovely music of our choir, the beautiful setting of our church, and the moving liturgy of the Holy Communion service, all awaken the individual’s senses and spirit to the experience of God.

That God speaks to us in the reading and expounding of the Holy Scriptures.
We believe that Scripture is the inspired witness to the Word of God, Jesus Christ. At each service our ministers preach from the Scriptures, showing them to be a sure and certain hope in the challenge of the modern world.

That Jesus commanded us to remember him in the breaking of the bread and the sharing of the cup
Our main worship is based on the Service of Holy Communion. In this service we believe that God reveals Jesus to us in a unique way. His presence is with us and within us in the sharing of the bread and the cup.


At Holy Trinity we believe that fellowship is very important. After each main service we have coffee and a time of fellowship where each of us can catch up with each other, and find out the latest news, or have a debate on something might have arisen in the sermon or during the course of the service.

We also hold a number of concerts and ‘do’s, to which all the congregation are invited as well as many beyond. We also have fairs, parties and special celebrations. A number of the members of the congregation are professional entertainers, and so all our dos are to a very high standard, which can also be said of our food.

But fellowship is not just to do with the congregation. It stretches out to our Christian neighbours and all around us. Fellowship always leads to outreach.

Roehampton is a very large parish with a huge number of things going on. At Holy Trinity we keep in close contact with new developments, as well as with institutions which have been around for a long time.  Find out more about our outreach and mission activities HERE 

Pastoral Care
Holy Trinity has a special care for everyone who lives in the parish of Roehampton. We help people in times of bereavement, and in other times of crisis. Many people in particular need come to the church for help. We never turn anyone away.