5th October 2017


Weekly Thought 21.09.2020 Praying in church by Rev Dr Nicholas

    Every Sunday we pray in church in a variety of ways. We listen to readings and try to relate them to our own lives. This is not always easy, and preaching is meant to help us with that – often it doesn’t, or not very much…

HOLY TRINITY NEWS September 2020, August 2020 and July 2020 from Rev Nicholas Roberts

HOLY TRINITY NEWS The New Monthly September Newsletter for Holy Trinity, Roehampton HOLY TRINITY NEWS

The Reverend Nicholas Roberts

Holy Trinity is so very fortunate to have (for a short time) the Rev. Nicholas Roberts, as an interim minister for Holy Trinity, offering us all pastoral care and managing the handover to Rev. Joshua Rey, whose collation date was postponed until September 29th.  Rev. Nicholas introduces himself in the blog below:

Ascension Poems and Images

A selection of images and poems from the Revd. June Boyce-Tillman’s wonderful Ascension Sermon on May 24th 2020.

Open the Book

We have been taking Open the Book into Roehampton Church School on a fairly regular basis now for almost 6 months. For those of you that don’t know, Open the Book is a wonderful resource which equips you to tell Bible stories through drama.

Save Them!

Ali Hasnain, one of our newest members of Holy Trinity church and a student of Journalism at Roehampton University  – writes an impassioned plea for non-Muslims living in Pakistan, who are daily having to live with the fear of potentially being accused of blasphemy.     Save Them! Pakistan, a country, which attained its freedom Read more about Save Them![…]

Poems from Ann O’Sullivan

Here is a selection of fun poems from Ann O’Sullivan to keep spirits up during the pandemic:

The ‘Buddy’ System for Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Church is in the process of setting up a ‘buddy’ system – a support group formed by members of the congregation looking out for and helping each other in Roehampton during this time of crisis.

Zoom Service with Revd. June Boyce-Tillman

We had a wonderful first service using Zoom, many thanks to June Boyce-Tillman for leading it so beautifully.   Below for those who could not be there – the poems read and the words used for the ‘spiritual eucharist’. Enjoy and stay safe!

Pastoral Letter from the Churchwardens

Holy Trinity Church, Mothering Sunday 22nd March 2020 Dear friends, In these extraordinary days of the Corona virus outbreak, a week has truly seemed a long time.