Governance and Our Family

Meet the Joint/Parochial Church Council of Holy Trinity and Minstead Gardens

Our Family

Holy Trinity and Roehampton Methodist Church (usually known by its location, Minstead Gardens) have been in a formal ecumenical partnership for over fifty years.  Our joint philosophy is that we are ‘one church in two places’. The worship at Minstead Gardens is the traditional Methodist form of service starting on Sundays at 3.00pm.
Everyone can be assured of a friendly welcome at each service.

In the past, Holy Trinity had a Joint Church Council with Minstead Gardens Methodist Church – however in 2018, Holy Trinity reverted to a Parochial Church Council whilst maintaining close links with Minstead Gardens and having two joint meetings a year to discuss areas in common such as mission.

The congregations of the two churches give service through a number of ways – from “Holy Dusting” to organising wonderful musical and social events, supporting administratively and through governance on the JCC, gardening, flower-arranging, serving, running the Sunday School, being sidespersons, on the coffee rota, driving others to church, pastoral care and much more.

Worship Team

Holy Trinity is very fortunate in having a diverse worship team who take services and give sermons regularly including the Rev. Mark
Garner, Head of Whitelands College and also the Whitelands College Chaplain, Rev. Daniel Eshun.

June Boyce-Tillman of Winchester University also regularly preaches and Rev. Geoffrey Farrar of Putney Methodist Church as part of our ecumenical ethos and closeness to the Methodist Church in Roehampton – Holy Trinity’s reader and organist Em Woodroffe and, of course, Holy Trinity’s Vicar the Rev. Jim McKinney – all of these different voices allow the congregation the uplifting experience of a  breadth of religious ideas and sermons within the Church of England ethos.