27th January 2018


Marriage is all about love. Christians see the love between a couple as a reflection of the love of God. God’s love is limitless. It is free and unconstrained. So love within marriage should be free and unconstrained. At the wedding service there can be no pressure or manipulation. A ‘shot-gun marriage’ is no marriage at all, and such weddings are not recognised by the Church.

God’s love is timeless. It does not come to an end in time. Thus marriage is a life-long pledge. You can’t say, ‘I will love you for seven years, and that is it’. Neither can you say, ‘I will love you as long as you are beautiful’, nor, ‘I will love you until your money runs out’.

God’s love is expansive. It wants to be experienced, to be embraced. So, it can never be a hole-in-the-corner thing. So with us marriage is a public affair. We want our friends and family and neighbours to be there to share in our joy. To this day weddings are open to everyone to come along. The reception may require an invitation, but the wedding service itself is open to everyone.

But now we face a problem. God wants to be loved by everyone. He wants to love everyone. How would that translate into human love? A couple will love one another, but can that love be shared beyond the couple? Here the Church would say, ‘No’. Love beyond the couple would cripple the love between the couple. We see this every day in the newspapers. Love divided soon turns sour and it brings on division and despair. Put succinctly, God’s love is an all or nothing thing, and so it turns out is human love.


Marrying in church is personal, meaningful and spiritual just as you want it to be. Churches are special and unique places to get married in – the prayers, promises and the whole service of celebration become a living part of an ongoing and lifelong marriage. Do remember that this is far more important than a big party!

Holy Trinity Church is available for weddings not only for regular members, but also where there has been some kind of connection with the parish in the past. This can mean that one of you was baptised or confirmed in the parish, or that you – or one of your parents lived there or attended services for 6 months, or if any of your grandparents was married there.

If none of these applies, you would be most welcome to simply start attending and qualify in that way. During this time the vicar would be very happy to offer help with marriage preparation. For all of the appropriate contact details, please click here.

In the mean time, do click on any or all of these helpful links from yourchurchwedding.org: