27th January 2018


A funeral is scarcely a service that one would wish to attend. There is always a feeling however, that we have to go to a funeral if the deceased is someone we have known. It is not that we do it for show to other people or, indeed, for the deceased. There is something very deep and powerful going on.

The Church actually sets out what happens at a funeral, and this can help us to understand what this ‘something’ might be. First of all we commend the deceased to Almighty God. We quite literally ‘hand him or her over’ to God. We release their body to the ground or for cremation, but we also hand over our relationship with the deceased to God. Here is an end to rancour or disappointment, to affection or plans for the future. Then we come to grieve. We expose our emotions to the reality that they are gone. This usually hurts us, and our tears flow naturally. We come also to comfort one another in our grief. Grief should never be a solitary thing. We all suffer it. Sharing it helps and we are drawn together by our sharing.

We come to remember the deceased, and to revel in the memories of the good times. A funeral is a sign that love goes on, but also that the deceased was important to us and that they have become a part of us.


Holy Trinity Church will always be there to help you.  A Church of England funeral is available to everyone, and we can offer support before, during and after the service, for as long as it’s needed. Please remember that the vicar is always available in such emergencies. Do please contact him using the phone numbers and other means given here.

There is so much to think about when someone has died. There are all sorts of practical and legal things that need to happen before a funeral can be organised. If you are unsure about these, please click here.

Once these are done, the vicar can help you talk about what sort of funeral you would like. There is considerable flexibility and lots of opportunities to make the service more personal to better reflect the unique life of your loved one. For further information, click here. The service can be conducted in the church with burial or cremation following, or directly at the cremtorium or cemetery or even a natural burial ground. If you are not sure about what is done at a typical funeral, do follow the helpful Church of England link here.

Please be assured that the whole community at Holy Trinity will rally round and help in whatever way we can. A member of the pastoral team may be able to visit, and any special needs can be prayed for and candles lit during our weekly services.