The ‘Buddy’ System for Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Church is in the process of setting up a ‘buddy’ system – a support group formed by members of the congregation looking out for and helping each other in Roehampton during this crisis.

The Primary Contacts are Sunny Walker-Kier, Jean Vincett and Jill Francis and if you would like to volunteer to be a ‘buddy’, then please contact Sunny by calling the church on 0208 780 9467 or by email at [email protected]

If you are in need and would like help or just a friendly, reassuring weekly phone call from a ‘buddy’, – then call Sunny on 0208 780 9467.

Your buddy will help you out, wherever they can.  Whilst they are ‘buddying’ it is important to remember that coronavirus is very contagious – and both parties must take every precaution to avoid physical contact, to keep a 2 metre distance, to wash hands regularly and thereby ensure one is spreading only KINDNESS.  🙂

We want to thank ALL those, who are doing such great work in keeping the buddy system flourishing and everyone in touch with one another!!!  Thank you HT VOLUNTEERS!