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At present (March 2021) we are offering all our services in “mixed mode” – opening the Church to worshippers, but conduct the services on Zoom for those who feel the need to stay away.  Rather more than half of us have opted to come into the building of late.

From Maundy Thursday (April 1st) we will revert to a more normal pattern.  Services will be broadcast on www.facebook.com/holytrinityroehampton/live, but as we have a large building and a smallish congregation, we consider it now responsible to encourage those who feel it right to come into the building. 

We continue, however to be unable to sing in Church, there is no after-service coffee, and we sit distanced and wear masks, so our worship will be fairly low key.  But we will share the sacraments (in one kind) and there will be the usual sermon and liturgy.

Regular Services

Main weekly service: 10am Sundays

Lunchtime Communion: 12.15pm Wednesdays

Morning and Evening Prayer: 7.30am and 5.30pm Mondays to Fridays

Church open for private prayer: 3pm-5.30pm Mondays, 9am-noon Wednesdays  – Please come and sit in this quiet and beautiful space where generations have prayed before us.  Light a candle.  Reflect in peace.  There will sometimes be quiet music.  The heating will be on.  Enter by the North Door, Ponsonby road at the end farthest from Roehampton Lane.

Easter and Holy Week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (29-31 Mar): 7.30pm Communion with homily

Thursday (1 Apr): 7.30pm Maundy Thursday service

Friday (2 Apr): 2pm Liturgy of Good Friday

Sunday (4 Apr): 6am Dawn Communion service at the frying-pan on the Heath;  10 am Communion in Church, with Easter Fire and Baptism

A L L    A R E    W E L C O M E