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If you think you might wish to be Baptised, or if you would like your children to be Baptised, please contact the Vicar – he will be very glad to meet with you and can give you all the information you need.


If you are planning to get married, congratulations!   Holy Trinity Roehampton is a very beautiful building, with Putney Heath right next door (perfect for wedding photos) and we think marriage is the most wonderful adventure which the Church wants to cherish and uphold.

Legally, to marry in the Parish Church, you need either to be resident in the Parish, or on the Electoral Roll, or have what is called a “Qualifying Connection” with the Church – for example, to have lived here, been Baptised here, or have certain kinds of family connection.   You can also qualify by worshipping once a month for six months.

Please do get in touch with the Vicar who can advise you about this, and talk through everything else connected with your forthcoming wedding, and uphold you in prayer as you set out on the journey of marriage.


If you are recently bereaved, please accept our sympathies.   The Vicar would be glad to meet with you, and to pray for you, and those you love but see no more.   If you would like to have the funeral in the Church, or if you would like the Vicar to take the funeral at the Crematorium, please get in touch either directly, or through your chosen funeral director.