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Thank you for being willing to support your Church financially.

We are all sustain the life of our Church through praying, worshipping, acts of kindness to one another, volunteering, and in many other ways. Giving money is an important part of that.

At the same time, everyone is in their own situation. Some of us can’t give much or anything.  Whatever we are able to give , we are all equally loved and valued members of the Church.  God calls each of us to give what we need to give, and the amount that comes in is always enough.

Parish Giving Scheme (Regular Gifts)

Please use the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) to donate regularly.

This is a free Direct Debit scheme, enabling you to give safely and securely.  Holy Trinity Roehampton receives 100% of your donation and Gift Aid is automatically claimed , which means reduced administration and less work for our Treasurer and Gift Aid Secretary.

To find out more about PGS, please click here to read the donor leaflet or contact the Vicar.   You can also watch this video to see how PGS works.

You can sign up on online, by telephone or by post. When you sign up, please do opt into Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer. Please choose to inflation-link your giving which will make a huge difference to our church’s finances.

To sign up online please click here.

To join via telephone, call 0333 002 1271 (lines are open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). You will need your personal bank account details, and our PGS details: Roehampton Holy Trinity;  370637351.

To join via post, please click here to download the form, then fill it in and mail it to
Parish Giving Scheme
76 Kingsholm Road
Gloucester GL1 3BD

Other Ways to Give

You can still give using the envelope scheme (though please do consider moving from the envelopes to PGS).  You can give directly to the collection at services, either by cash or, from Candlemas 2021, by contactless (we are entering the 21st century only two decades late!)  Or to make a one-off gift online, at any time (not just during services) please use the Give A Little scheme – click here.

Contactless Collection Plate
The new contactless collection plate for Holy Trinity Roehampton